What is VT2000?

Software for hourly paid lecturers

VT2000 is a software solution for managing hourly paid lecturers and casual staff. We provide a flexible, intuitive and all-encompassing solution for universities and colleges to easily manage their hourly paid staff.
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    Contracts & scheduling


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    Online pay claims


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    Online claim approval


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    Financial management


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    Built-in reporting


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    Employee onboarding



What our customers say

Janis Westley

“City, University of London has been using VT2000 for over 5 years and I have been extremely impressed with General Technology’s friendly and collaborative approach in working with us to add value to our processes.”

Janis Westley
Deputy Director of Human Resources - Read more
Kathryn Jones

“VT2000 is an excellent way of managing your variable hours workforce and I would certainly recommend it to other colleges.”

Kathryn Jones
Head of HR - Read more
Mick Morton

“From a supplier relationship perspective, I can genuinely say that General Technology are one of the best companies we deal with in HR.”

Mick Morton
HR Systems & Data Services Manager - Read more

We’re customer focused and deliver business value. Let’s get started

Eliminate paper-based claim processes

Is your payroll team struggling with the workload of paper-based claims processes? VT2000 provides a customised solution to automate and streamline the whole process. This includes online claim submission and approval, and integration with your existing payroll system.

Manage budgets in real-time

Import your financial budgets into VT2000 to enable real-time monitoring of your spend on hourly paid staff. Set up automated email reminders to notify your finance teams when actual spend approaches budgets.

Customised reports for all purposes

VT2000 comes with a wide range of built-in reports to help you generate insights and make informed decisions. If any custom reports are needed, these can be designed and implemented during the installation.

Why choose us?

VT2000 is a product by General Technology, one of the leading software providers to the higher education sector. We help your organisation to:

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    Work efficiently

    Reduce paperwork and minimise errors using smart software.

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    Work smart

    Reduce cost and time effort by streamlining processes.

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    Be supported

    Our support teams are there when you need us.