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Each month, employees must claim payment for hours they have worked. Using the self-service portal, employees can view their outstanding claims and submit them, using any internet-connected device (i.e. smartphone, laptop, PC).

VT2000 only allows staff to claim for contracted work, eliminating the need for payroll staff to manually check claims against work contracts. Pay claims are centrally collated, so payroll teams can easily monitor claims as they are submitted.


Key features include:

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    Online pay claims

    Using our easy online claim portal, employees can submit pay claims in minutes, both at work and on-the-go. Late claims can also be submitted, processed and accounted for.

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    Remittance advice

    Each month, employees can log on to see their remittance advice. This minimises payroll queries, as employees can easily see the hours claimed and amounts paid.

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    Pay rates, sick & holiday

    Store multiple pay rates and grades, along with the sick and holiday rate for each grade. This allows accurate calculations of sick pay and holiday pay for individual employees.

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    Email reminders

    There’s no need to chase employees to submit their claims, as automated email reminders are sent when claims are overdue.

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    Payment by default

    There is an option to pay claims ‘by default’, meaning that employees need not submit any claims; they are simply paid according to their work schedule each month.

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    Audit log

    The system maintains a complete history and audit log to ensure full transparency and traceability. Audit logs also clearly reflect late claims and pay rate changes.


Key benefits include

  • Process efficiency

    Paper based claims require huge manual effort – from keying in monthly claims to processing payments. An automated end-to-end solution can save valuable staff time each month while also minimising errors.

  • Process transparency

    Employees and departments are all aware of the process from submission to approval to payment. This improves overall process compliance by keeping everyone accountable for their responsibilities.

  • Customised payment options

    By accommodating different payment structures such as ‘payment by default’, the system can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

  • Time savings

    Automated email reminders mean that payroll teams do not have to chase individuals to submit claims – this can save hours of time each month and ensures that employees are always aware when they have claims due.

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