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A suite of financial management features

It is important to have safeguards in place when budgeting for hourly paid staff, as this can sometimes be overlooked. VT2000 allows departments to manage their allocated staff budgets, while finance teams keep control of the budget allocations throughout the year. This allows the finance department to proactively control payroll spending and prevents department managers from over-committing to payroll costs.


Key features include

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    Budget tracking

    Track actual and forecasted spend against budgets, and break down at a faculty, department or cost centre level.

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    Real-time validation

    Enable automated budget checks when new contracts are created, to ensure that department administrators cannot over-commit to payroll costs.

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    Budget warnings

    Enable automated email warnings when costs approach your chosen budget thresholds.

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    Account codes

    Allocate and customise account codes to closely manage costs such as holiday cover, maternity cover, sickness cover, etc.

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    Import budgets

    Upload budgets from a spreadsheet to easily and accurately input detailed budget information.


Key benefits include

  • Single source of information

    By providing a single source of information for all hourly paid contracts, finance teams can see the big picture across the organisation and plan budgets more accurately.

  • Reports and breakdowns

    Our suite of reports mean data can be analysed by many dimensions. Raw data can also be exported for analysis in other models and spreadsheets.

  • Budget monitoring

    By proactively monitoring budgets, you can prevent departments from overspending, therefore keeping finances under control.

  • Data protection

    Access to sensitive information, such as financial data, is restricted by permissions. This ensures that best practice standards for data security are met.

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