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Easy claim approval for department heads

Once claims are submitted, department heads can log on to the self-service portal to view and authorise all pay claims in their department.

The system allows authorisers to be set at any organisational level, allowing extra flexibility around who can approve claims. Authorisers can approve claims as they are submitted, allowing them to better manage their approval workload.


Key features include:

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    Online claim approval

    Our easy online portal means departmental authorisers can approve pay claims in minutes, both at work and on-the-go.

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    Approve at any time

    Authorisers can approve claims as soon as they are submitted, allowing them to easily complete their workload ahead of payroll deadlines.

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    Edit claims

    Authorisers can edit claims in case of inaccuracies, removing the need for claims to be sent back to employees for simple corrections.

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    Email reminders

    There’s no need to chase authorisers to approve claims, as automated email reminders are sent when deadlines are approaching.

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    Payment by default

    There is an option to pay claims ‘by default’, and in this case there is no claim approval step. Instead, employees are paid according to their work schedule each month.

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    Audit log

    The system maintains a complete history and audit log to ensure full transparency and traceability. Audit logs also clearly reflect late claims and pay rate changes.


Key benefits include

  • Process efficiency

    Paper-based processes waste days of time while paperwork is sent from one approver to another. With VT2000, authorisation can be a one-click step, freeing up time for department heads.

  • Process transparency

    Payroll teams have clear visibility of claims that are awaiting authorisation, meaning that authorisers are held accountable for completing their tasks on time.

  • Customised payment options

    By accommodating different payment structures such as ‘payment by default’, the system can be tailored to meet the needs of your organisation.

  • Time savings

    Automated email reminders mean that payroll teams do not have to chase individuals to approve claims – this can save hours of time each month and help departments to cooperate with payroll processes.

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