Reports for all purposes

Our built-in suite of reports cover the majority of reporting needs – these include contract summaries, claim summaries, financial reporting and much more. We continually add new reports based on customer feedback, but if your organisation has specific reporting needs, custom reports can be added to your installation. All data can be exported directly to spreadsheets or via interchange files for easy analysis.


Key features include:

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    Contract summaries

    View summaries of contracted hours including dates, times, activities, hours and cost value. Summarise data using account codes for easy analysis.

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    Claim summaries

    View and analyse pay claims by activity, department, account code and more. Also view claims pending department approval and unclaimed hours.

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    Financial reports

    Track actual and forecasted spend against budgets to ensure accurate financial management.

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    Export your data

    Choose from a range of data export formats including flat data, spreadsheets and PDFs.

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    Microsoft Office look & feel

    Our desktop interface has a Microsoft Office look and feel, with data interchange with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and more.


Key benefits include

  • Built-in reports

    VT2000 comes with a suite of built-in reports, so you can start gaining insights straight away.

  • Share insights

    Reports can be easily generated for a variety of audiences, so that information can be shared among different functions within your organisation.

  • Flexible formats

    Choose to export your data in a format that suits your needs – whether this is emailing a PDF or analysing pivot tables in Microsoft Excel.

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VT2000 is a software product by General Technology. Our experts have deep knowledge about the complexities of the higher education sector and design technology to transform your operations.


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