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Onboarding new staff

Once a candidate has been offered work, they need to be on-boarded into HR systems. Our employee setup module, called VT Candidate, is a module designed specifically for this process.

VT Candidate sends the candidate a link to complete their personal and employment details and stores this information in line with data protection regulations. This includes gathering ‘right to work’ documents and referee information. Once approved, their employee profile is automatically sent to your HR system and to VT2000, so departments can begin booking their time.


Key features include:

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    Onboard directly into VT2000

    There’s no need to re-key data from VT Candidate into your HR system or into VT2000, as everything is transferred automatically.

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    Employee profiles

    Some staff have employment restrictions e.g. capped monthly hours for Tier 4 visa students. These rules are automatically created as part of employee on-boarding, so there’s no need to manually enter them for each new joiner.

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    Right to work documents

    The employee on-boarding process includes checking of ‘right to work’ documents, to stay compliant with employment regulations.


Key benefits include:

  • Process improvements

    The employee on-boarding process has a standard format which can be customised with additional steps and checks. This ensures you have a best practice framework to build on.

  • Regulatory compliance

    As a purpose-built solution, regulatory compliance is at the centre of VT Candidate. By implementing a consistent process across the organisation, you can be confident that all rules are enforced and HR teams are aware of all new joiners before they are booked for any work.

  • Time efficiencies

    By joining up employee on-boarding with your HR system and with VT2000, there’s no need to re-enter employee information to start creating work contracts. This minimises tedious manual entry tasks and frees up staff time.

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