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Easy to manage work schedules and contracts

Employing hourly paid staff begins with generating a contract of work. This outlines the employee’s scheduled work hours and dates, or can detail the agreed time commitment over a period.

VT2000 takes the hassle out of creating these documents. Choose between entering a schedule directly, importing from a timetabling system or a custom import – whichever you choose, schedules are created in minutes and can be sent to the employee for their approval.


Key features include

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    Scheduled or flexible work

    A single contract can include both scheduled work (e.g. teaching dates and times) and flexible work (e.g. marking or invigilation).

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    Online contracts

    Employees can be sent their contract documents to view and accept online. Your terms and conditions documents can be attached to ensure compliance requirements are met.

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    Import schedules

    Schedules can be created individually, imported from a timetabling system or even taken from a custom spreadsheet.

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    Detect clashes

    Automatically detect clashes in employees’ schedules to ensure that staff cannot be booked for overlapping sessions.

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    Stay compliant

    Some staff have employment restrictions e.g. capped monthly hours for Tier 4 visa students. Automatically enforce these at the point of contract creation, giving you confidence that all contracts comply with regulations.

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    Branded templates

    All documentation is available to print or email in your branded templates.


Key benefits include

  • Process transparency

    VT2000 ensures your processes for approving new employment contracts are followed, using a built-in chain of approval. It also provides a single source of information for the status of all contracts and claims.

  • Error reduction

    Clash detection and compliance monitoring rules are applied in real-time, meaning that employees cannot be contracted for work that breaches these rules. This reduces error rates and frees up staff time.

  • One system for all work

    By allowing flexible and scheduled work in a single contract, VT2000 provides an easy way to process different types of work claims. This keeps all hourly paid contracts managed in one place.

  • Online documents

    Employees can accept their work terms online and continue to access their contract documents at any time. This helps to minimise queries to departmental administrators.

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